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The Pansler Law Firm was established in 1991 by Karl F. Pansler for the primary purpose of helping individuals and families who have had a tragic event occur in their lives. Mr. Pansler aspired to be a trial lawyer all of his life, and has always felt that advocacy for the injured is more than just a vocation, it is a calling.

The size of the firm ensures that you will always receive personal contact and service from our attorneys and Mr. Pansler. We realize that there are many law firms for potential clients to consider, however, we also recognize that the best lawyers and law firms are those who stay in close personal contact with the clients they are privileged to represent. Mr. Pansler has recovered over $100 million for the benefit of his clients.

Mr. Pansler is a highly regarded and proven trial lawyer with over 30 years of extensive trial experience. Through the many years he has practiced, Mr. Pansler has learned what he does well and has focused his practice on these areas – catastrophic injury and medical malpractice. He believes that his results in this area speak for themselves.